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Basic Engineering, a specialty of the Engineer is a vital first step to modernizing your Eco society. As a Basic Engineer you should cooperate closely with Mortaring, Mining and Hewing specialties as all will produce materials you will need to craft your equipment and goods. As a Basic Engineer you should expect to help set up roads, provide your society with Wood Cart's for materials transport and your Waterwheel and Windmill are both excellent choices for power generation when people begin to move into Tier 2 specialties. Your home can be built almost anywhere as long as you have access to citizens with these other specialties or enough nearby raw materials to do all the production yourself (although not recommended).

Basic Engineering
BasicEngineering Icon.png
Basic Engineering allows for the easier construction of roads and early forms of mechanical power. Level by crafting related recipes.
Related Skills
Profession: Engineer
Skill Information
Max Level: Level 7
Item ID: BasicEngineeringSkill
ID Number: 551


Level Crafting Unlocks Benefits
0 Mechanics Skill Book Recipe
Stone Ramp Recipe
Stone Road Recipe
Waterwheel Recipe
Windmill Recipe
Wooden Wheel Recipe
1 Hand Plough Recipe
Road Tool Recipe
Wood Cart Recipe