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Chat commands can be activated through the Chat Log.

If you wish to use admin commands, you must be added as an admin on the server (User->Config->Admins in Windows GUI).

User Commands[edit | edit source]

  • /players — display online players names
  • @[playername] [message] — send a private message. If player is offline they will receive the message at login.
  • /unstuck — teleports player into the air to get unstuck from places
  • /avatar — (in Alpha 5) randomizes player avatar.

Text Markup[edit | edit source]

The appearance of text can be modified with certain HTML tags. These work on signs as well as in chat.

  • bold = <b>bold</b>
  • italic = <i>italic</i>
  • underlined = <u>underlined</u>
  • color = <#FF0000>color</color>

Admin Commands[edit | edit source]

Warning! Some of the commands are developer commands and might not work as intended! Use all chat commands at your own risk!

  • /allskills — Unlocks all skills that are learned through research
  • /bunnytime — Spawns 100 hare
  • /chattest — Spams a bunch of stuff to chat (Warning: This will create 5-10 chat channels and will continue to spam until server is next shutdown/restarted)
  • /day — Changes time to day (Warning:You can only reverse this by editing timeofdayscale in your server setting that has a default value of 48) (Warning: /day command will always keep it day and resets the day counter with the clock frozen)
  • /dump — Destroy all items in toolbar and backpack.
  • /dropall — Drops all items in bag and toolbar (appears identical to /dump in function).
  • /eat — Fills calorie bar with no nutritional gain
  • /godofdeath — kills all animals within a certain radius
  • /give [ItemID],[quantity] — Gives item (including dev-only items such as EcoylentItem and DevtoolItem)
  • /give SearchAndSelectItem — Opens item menu (Warning: you might fill up your inventory and might be unable to move because of weight limitations or full inventory unable to drop items!)
  • /giveskillpoints [player],[quantity] — gives another player skillpoints
  • /leader — Makes you the leader of the world
  • /level [x(default=10)],[y(default=10)],[BlockType(default=GrassBlock)] — Levels the ground from the player position to x,y blocks away with the specified block.
  • /money — Gives player 100 currency (not working in alpha 0.5.5)
  • /shinigami — (Appears to remove all wild creatures after a period of time **USE CAREFULLY**
  • /spawnanimal [ItemID],[quantity] — Spawns animal - Tested and seems to not be working in 5.4 alpha
  • /spawnbuilding [building type(0-5)],[x],[y],[z],[roof type(0-2)],[windows(0-1)] — Spawns a building of x,y,z dimensions. For building type: 0=log, 1=mortared stone, 2=lumber, 3=brick, 4=corrugated steel, 5=concrete. For rooftype: 0=block roof, 1=flat roof, 2=pointed roof. For windows: 0=no windows, 1=wood windows.
  • /spawnroad — Spawns some sort of road
  • /spawnvillage [building type(0-5)],[quantity] — Spawns a series of empty buildings at random locations in the area. For building type: 0=log, 1=mortared stone, 2=lumber, 3=brick, 4=corrugated steel, 5=concrete.
  • /spawnchimney — Spawns a 10-block-high brick pillar with a chimney on top. Deletes the block you are standing on!
  • /spawntech — Spawns a road and four log buildings with crafting stations (Workbench, Research Table, Wainwright Table and Carpentry Table) in them. Also gives all players 200 Skill Points
  • /skillpoints — Gives player 10,000 skill points
  • /unclaim — Unclaims the current plot (also plots of other players), doesn't return a Property Claim Flag
  • /unrestrict —  Remove weight and other restrictions on the player inventory
  • /vomit — Empties stomach contents
  • /whoami — Displays player's primary role according to skill allocation