Criminal Justice System

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Players will be allowed to break laws, but doing so will flag them as a criminal and make them open to being arrested and punished.

Flagging criminals[edit | edit source]

In this system, each time a law is proposed it must include a list of punishments for violating it, and a ‘statute of limitations’ for how long players will be susceptible to arrest from it. If a player violates a law, they will be flagged as a criminal for that length of time, but that flag will be only visible to witnesses.
A player witnesses a crime if they are in visible range when it occurs. They can also detect a crime using a new forensic skill that allows players to examine a crime site (a tree chopped down against the rules, a player house broken into, an elk killed in violation). If their skill is high enough (depending on the recentness of the crime), they will be added as a witness. Players can share their witness status with any other player they encounter, and anyone who is marked as a witness to a crime will be allowed to arrest the player.

Arrest[edit | edit source]

To arrest a player, they must be caught by the other player, and weapons can be used by witnesses against criminals to subdue them. Players will not generally be able to attack other players, with only witnesses being allowed to attack criminals to subdue them. Players can be arrested while offline if they can be found(their avatar will stay in the world), and features will be added to track the whereabouts of criminals.

Punishment[edit | edit source]

Once arrested, the punishment for breaking a law will be applied, which can include:

Monetary fine[edit | edit source]

Automatically removing items/currency from the player’s inventory/home and putting them in public ownership.

Jail time[edit | edit source]

If a jail is built in the world, they can be constrained to a cell for a given amount of real time.

Death penalty[edit | edit source]

The character is deleted from the server and the user banned from logging in to that server in the future.