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Block Items
Garbage Icon.png
A disgusting pile of garbage.
Created at: N/A
Carried in: Hands
Weight: 0.00kg
Stack limit: 10
Item ID: GarbageItem
ID Number: 802
World Object
Room Material: Tier 0

Garbage are pollution-causing blocks that are created when players throw items on the ground.

Garbage blocks never decay or disappear, but the pollution they cause will dissipate slowly when the garbage blocks are moved to a new location.

In-game Description

A disgusting pile of garbage.

Creation[edit | edit source]

When an item is thrown away a small garbage bag will appear on the ground. The garbage bag can be accessed like a normal container, items can be added or removed from. After a while the garbage bag will decay and be replaced with a Garbage block.

If the garbage bag only contained green items, it will instead make compost blocks.

Pollution[edit | edit source]

To manage the pollution caused by garbage, the blocks have to be buried underground.

Garbage work identical to Tailings and can be stored together with them.

For more information, see the Tailings page.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Crafting Recipes


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