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Land Animal
Hare Animal.jpg
Health: 1.0
Idle Speed: 1.0 mps
Eats: Camas, Wheat, Bunchgrass, Sagebrush, Corn, Huckleberry, Big Bluestem
Carbon Released: 0.0000 ppm
Flees: Yes
Fear Factor: 0.8
Flee Speed: 5.0 mps
Harvest Item: Hare Carcass

Hares are mammals of the order Lagomorpha, in the same family as the rabbit. They are larger than rabbits and have black tipped ears. Their diet (the food they eat) resembles what rabbits eat they eat Camas, Bunchgrass, and Huckleberries.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Typically Hare will hop around in a straight line, then turn direction.

If a player steps within a nearby radius it will cause the animal to charge in different directions (at a faster pace than the Wolf and the Elk).

Hunting[edit | edit source]

A Hare can only be killed with the Bow and Arrows.

Once killed, the Hare will die where it stands and the player can then retrieve the carcass to be processed.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Since they are a faster-moving animal it is better to shoot further away before the Hare detects you being too close to it. Wait for it to be still and shoot as it is a 1 hit kill.

Real Life Facts[edit | edit source]

Hares are classified into the same family as rabbits and are of similar size, form, and diet as rabbits. They are generally herbivorous, long-eared, and fast runners, and typically live solitary or in pairs.