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Welcome to the ECO Wiki Editing Guide!

Before doing extensive edits to the wiki, please read everything in this guide.

Maintaining consistency of style and substance in any wiki is a constant struggle, so by following the rules of this guide, you will make things easier for all of us!

Thank you.

Introduction to Wikicode[edit source]

Gamepedia has plenty of tutorials. Check out for an introduction to WikiCode.

Wiki Structure[edit source]

The purpose of this wiki is to be a repository of information about the game. Usually, wikis are where people go when they want to look up specific information about a specific part of a game, but since ECO lacks an in-game tutorial or much official documentation while in Alpha, this is also a place to give players a general introduction to the game.

Guide pages[edit source]

Link structure should direct players toward consolidated guide pages that explain and document game systems. Below is a list of them. Pages about certain aspect of these systems should become redirect pages to the relevant guide page. Some of these pages are missing or incomplete, since these systems are not fully implemented yet.

  • Getting Started — Introductory guide that new players should start with. Include miscellaneous "Tips & Tricks" section for early-game play.
  • Food — Explains food system and how nutrients and calories relate to skill gain. Lists all cooking recipes. Pages such as nutrients and calories should redirect here.
  • Skills — Explains skill points and lists all skills in the game. Skill tree links should redirect to this page with a fragment(#) in the url directing to that skill tree heading.
  • Crafting — Explains crafting system and lists all crafting recipes in the game (minus food and research).
  • Research — Explains research system and lists all research recipes. Pages such as skill scroll and skill book (and specific links) should redirect here.
  • Agriculture — Explains how agriculture works. All seed and food resource pages should have a "See also: Agriculture" at the bottom.
  • Pollution — Explains how pollution works.
  • Laws — Explains how the legal system works in ECO.

Item pages[edit source]

Every item in ECO should have a page associated with it.

Item pages have several elements:

Infobox[edit source]

An infobox shows up on the top right of the page, and summarizes the subject of the article. The infobox should always be at the top of the article when viewing "Edit Source".

Infoboxes are made using Templates. The template for item infoboxes is at Template:Infobox_Item To add in the template, go to that page, click "Edit Source" and copy the text at the top (without the "noinclude" tag).

The infobox template has the following parameters. If a parameter is left blank it will not show up on the infobox:

  • name — name of item
  • type — one of Block Item, Food, Item, Object, Tool (look at item's background color for item type)
  • color — hex code for item type color. Block item(green): #4c7d3b, Food(gold): #b0a454, Item(blue): #599fa5, Object(purple): #6e4175, Tool(orangered}: #a86353
  • icon — icon filename (should be at ItemName.png, or will be taken from item with identical icon)
  • created — crafting station the item is made at (and/or skill that grants it)
  • weight — how much the item weighs (in kg rounded to tenths, per in-game style)
  • calories — calorie count if the item is food (nutrients won't show up if this is blank)
  • carbs — carbs amount (rounded to tenths, per in-game style; if none, write "0.0")
  • protein — protein amount (rounded to tenths, per in-game style; if none, write "0.0")
  • fat — fat amount (rounded to tenths, per in-game style; if none, write "0.0")
  • vitamins — vitamins amount (rounded to tenths, per in-game style; if none, write "0.0")
  • carried — for block items, how it is carried (either Shovel or Hands)
  • energy — if item is fuel, its energy potential (in J rounded to tenths, per in-game style)
  • stacklimit — max stack size
  • ItemID — used to spawn item with admin commands. can be found in server item dump.

Summary[edit source]

A few paragraphs describing the item. Important information that is already in the infobox may be repeated inline.

Image[edit source]

Any images of the item in-game should be placed here with a caption and styles |thumb|right|.

Crafting recipe[edit source]

Under level 2 heading "Crafting Recipe", give the crafting recipe in table format, with columns for Crafting station, Skill needed, Materials, Crafting time, Affected by skills, and, if applicable, Module needed and Results (if recipe has byproducts or results in more than 1 of the item).

Used in Recipe(s)[edit source]

Under level 2 heading "Used in Recipe(s)", list the items the item is a component in.

Skill pages[edit source]

All skills should have their own page. References to skill trees should redirect to the Skills page with a fragment(#) added with the skill tree name.

Infobox[edit source]

The infobox for skill pages is at Template:Infobox_Skill

This infobox has the following parameters:

  • name — name of skill
  • icon — link to skill icon (should be at SkillName.png, or will be taken from skill with identical icon)
  • skilltree — skill category on skill menu
  • requires — prerequisite (skill scroll, skill or both)
  • leadsto — skill(s) it unlocks

Summary[edit source]

A few paragraphs describing the skill. Important information that is already in the infobox may be repeated inline.

Details[edit source]

This section includes a table with columns for Level, Points needed, and', if applicable, Item unlocks, Skill unlocks, and Effects.

Style[edit source]

  • Write in an impersonal style and don't use pronouns (i.e. no "I", "you", or "he/she"; use "the player" or "players" instead). Game advice is encouraged; it is very useful for players.
  • Per Wikipedia style, the first inline reference of the article name should be a link, which will make it show up bold, and capitalized.
  • All references to specific items should be capitalized. But since many items in ECO have generic names, the reference to an item may be lowercase. Usage depends on if you're using the definite or indefinite article (e.g. "use an axe to cut down trees" vs "use the Axe to cut down trees."

Templates[edit source]

There are 2 infobox templates:

There is also a template for an icon frame (like those under each crafting station in crafting) at Template:IconFrame

Categories[edit source]

Categories help us keep track of pages. Every page should have a category. Try to assign only one category per page. This should be the most specific sub-category. (an exception is the Resources category. It can be added on top of the item category)

To add a category to a page, add [[Category:Example]] at the bottom of the page, where "Example" is the category.

Here is a list of ECO categories and sub-categories:

  • Items
    • Tools
    • Block Items
    • Food
      • Seeds
    • Objects
      • Modules
      • Crafting Stations
  • Resources (add this if an item can be collected from the world)
    • Seeds
  • Skills