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Hewing Icon.png
Cutting logs into usable crafting and building materials is an important skill for budding communities. Level by crafting related recipes.
Related Skills
Profession: Carpenter
Skill Information
Max Level: Level 7
Item ID: HewingSkill
ID Number: 586

Hewing is a specialty in the Carpenter profession. It improves the ability to convert Logs into Hewn Logs and allows for more efficient production of boards, furniture, doors, and other useful wooden crafts.

Of the two recipes for Hewn Logs, the Hewing skill only affects the recipe at the Carpentry Table. The Workbench recipe does not benefit from Hewing speed and efficiency boosts and will not level up Hewing.


Level Crafting Unlocks Benefits
0 Basic Engineering Skill Book Recipe
Board Recipe
Butchery Table Recipe
Carpentry Table Recipe
Contract Board Recipe
Distribution Station Recipe
Door Recipe
Fish Trap Recipe
Fishery Recipe
Hew Logs Recipe
Lumber Skill Book Recipe
Paper Milling Skill Book Recipe
Real Estate Desk Recipe
Small Hanging Hewn Log Sign Recipe
Small Standing Hewn Log Sign Recipe
Table Recipe
Tailoring Table Recipe
Wainwright Table Recipe
1 Hewn Log Door Recipe
Small Wood Cart Recipe
Wheelbarrow Recipe
Wooden Straw Bed Recipe
2 Chair Recipe
Latrine Recipe
Small Table Recipe
3 Large Standing Hewn Log Sign Recipe
5 Icebox Recipe
Large Hanging Hewn Log Sign Recipe