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These Law Examples are player-created laws, made on the Web UI. These laws can be used to accomplish common goals in-game, such as reward players for cleaning up tree debris, impose a wealth tax, or punish inactive players.

Keep in mind that some of the laws here may have been created in older versions of Eco, therefore their appearance, clauses, or effects in-game may be outdated.

Wages and Taxes[edit | edit source]

Citizen Wage and Wealth Tax[edit | edit source]

Tax money from the wealthy and allocate money to the poor once per day.

Citizen Wage and Wealth Tax.png

Player Inactivity[edit | edit source]

Inactivity Demographics[edit | edit source]

Simple demographics that will make it a lot easier to make future laws that only affect people that haven't been online for a long time.
You are declared Inactive if you are not online for 4 days.
You are declared a Deserter if you have not been online for 8 days.

Inactivity Demographics.png

Abandonment Tax[edit | edit source]

Requires Inactivity Demographics law.
Every 12 hours, tax players that have been declared Inactive 5%.
Take all money from players that have been declared Deserters.

Abandonment Tax Inactivity Demographics.png

Abandonment Unclaim[edit | edit source]

Requires Inactivity Demographics law.
Every 24 hours, unclaim all property of players are declared deserters.

Abandonment Unclaim Inactivity Demographics.png

Symbol Translation[edit | edit source]

In one of the v0.8.2.x updates the mathematical symbols were changed to their wordy definition. To help translate from the symbols used in the old examples to the new version, see this list.

Numeric comparison options:

< equals less than

> equals greater than

= equals equal to

Calculated value options:

+ equals sum

- equals difference

* equals product

/ equals quotient

% equals remainder (this is a modulus function)