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As the level of technology available to players increases, the capability for affecting the environment increases exponentially. To ensure players use this power positively, players must construct laws. Players can propose laws backed by scientific data they take from the ecosystem, using sophisticated graphs and wiki toolsets to make discussions and decisions about the future of the world a seamless activity for players.

There is no guide book to how to sustainably use the resources of the ecosystem, players must understand it by looking at the actual data themselves, and convince their fellow players of what they believe. As players have different specialties in the game, their incentives will be influenced heavily by their livelihood, just as in the real world (a lumberjack player may be less inclined to halt deforestation than the general population because their livelihood depends on it).
Thus, even though players are working together towards a common goal, their individual incentives and desires will guide their decisions in conflicting way, and navigating that Tragedy of the Commons through laws and scientific evidence to achieve success and avoid ruin is the core experience we plan to provide with Eco.

Videos[edit | edit source]

What happens when you try to break a law.