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Modding is how the base game is extended with new features such as blocks, animals and additional game play rules. Some mods only change server-side functionality, while others may add additional visualizations and interactions on the client side. Mods may be developed by Strange Loop Games or independent developers and added to the game by server admins. There is no charge for access to the API and all of the tooling for mod development is freely available.

NOTE: The modding system is under heavy development. APIs are expected to change which may break existing mods!

Installing Mods[edit | edit source]

Most mods can be installed by placing the mod's files into the Mods folder of an Eco server. Mods may add new files or replace some of the files already found in the Mods folder. Many mod authors will have instructions for installing their mod(s).
Mods that affect the client, such as custom items and models, only need to be installed on the server. The client will automatically receive the information it needs to run the mod from the server.

Existing Mods[edit | edit source]

There are several websites where people post mods they've made. The most common locations are on the #modding channel on the Eco Discord server and the Modding section of the Eco Forums. Some other websites that list Eco mods include:

This is a list of some popular current mods available to the community. This is not a comprehensive list.

Server Mods[edit | edit source]

These mods may be server-only or may have client-side parts as well.
To see full lists of the features included in each mod, click the name of the mod on the left or the link to the forum post under the version number.

Name Summary Features Mod Version Eco Version
By Pradoxzon
This mod provides server admins access to a variety of commands and utilities for use on their server. User management commands such as '/ban'.

Utility commands for things like saving and triggering a backup from inside the game.
Commands to dump information about the game, the server, or the players.

Forum post
By Pradoxzon
This mod is a stripped down version of Pradoxzon's AdminUtils mod, and is geared for people playing on Eco's Solo option. Utility commands for things like saving and triggering a backup from inside the game.

Commands to dump information about the game or the server.

Forum post
Clay's TK
By Clay C
With a wide variety of mods, designed to work all together or individually as your server requires them. Clay's Toolkit incorporates a list of mods created by Clay. For the full list of included mods and their associated features, please see this page on Clay's website. 2.3.3
Forum post
Beta 7.0.7
MW's Mods
Quality of life gameplay changes, bug fixes for the game, and new items. Adds in a new Recycling profession with associated skills, crafting tables, and item recipes.

Allows players to carry up to 20 items at a time, and increases the stack size to 20 for cart storage.
Many bugfixes and tweaks for the core game.

Forum post
Beta 7.0.6
By mampf
World changing commands that can alter large sections of the world at once.
This mod is an ECO implementation of the Minecraft plugin WorldEdit.
Replace an entire area of blocks with another kind of block.

Create walls around an area out of any desired material.
Duplicate an area of blocks in any direction.

0.0.4 Alpha

Client-Only Mods[edit | edit source]

These mods only affect the client and do not need any server-side installation.

Modding Development[edit | edit source]

For more information about modding with Eco, visit the #modding channel in the Eco Discord server.

Resources[edit | edit source]

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