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Overview[edit | edit source]

Modding is how the base game is extended with new features such as blocks, animals and additional game play rules. Some mods only change server-side functionality, while others may add additional visualizations and interactions on the client side. Mods may be developed by StrangeLoopGames or independent developers and added to the game by server admins. There is no charge for access to the API and all of the tooling for mod development is freely available.

NOTE: The modding system is currently under heavy development. APIs are expected to change which may break existing mods!

For Server Admins and Players[edit | edit source]

Server Mods - These mods may be server-only or may have client-side parts as well.

Client-Only Mods - These mods only affect the client and do not need any server-side installation.

For Mod Developers[edit | edit source]

Mod System Design - If you want to contribute to the shape of the modding system for Eco, please go here.

Mod Development Tutorials - Learn how to write your own mod using freely-available tools and the Eco Mod API.

Modding API Reference - A guide to all of the APIs exposed by the base Eco distribution for your modding pleasure.