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Pollution in Eco is caused by certain crafting recipes, especially those that involve the smelting of ores or the burning of fuel such as Coal or Gasoline.

Plants and trees will not grow in polluted areas, but some plants are more resistant to pollution than others.

The sources of pollution and the spread of the pollution can be inspected on the Map using layers.

Types of pollution[edit | edit source]

Ground pollution[edit | edit source]

Ground pollution includes water and spreads using the rules of hydrology, and "seeps" into nearby blocks. The main source of ground pollution is Tailings and Garbage.

Air pollution[edit | edit source]

Air pollution spreads through the air, and has the same effects on the fauna and flora as ground pollution, but is quicker to dissipate.

Prolonged air pollution can lead to the sea level raising, which is devastating and is permanent.

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