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A room is any area that meets the following requirements:

  • Enclosed: The area is enclosed on all sides with at least tier 0 materials. This includes a floor, walls, and a roof.
  • Doors: Rooms may have one or more single or double doors. Also allowed are empty doorways that are 2 blocks tall by 1 block wide.
  • Windows: The area may have one or multiple windows of any size. Also allowed are empty holes that are up to 1 block tall by 2 blocks wide.

Block Requirements

Many rooms are required to be built out of specific materials for various crafting stations or the research table.

Volume Requirements

Crafting stations and the research table may also require that a room has a specific volume. The total volume of a room is calculated by the Width * Length * Height, measured in m3. Each crafting station or research table in the room takes up a certain volume within a room, most commonly 25m3. The total volume used by all crafting stations or research tables is added together and compared against the total room volume. If the room volume is lower, then the crafting stations will not function.


Window holes cannot be placed in the roof of a building. However, windows can be.

A room does not need to have an outer frame to be classed as a room. All it requires is blocks in cardinal directions. This could be an exploit.

Floors, walls and roofs can be crafted with any block shapes. For example you can craft room with only roof shape.

Any type of block shape can be used to construct a room, this means that shapes like the roof shape could be used for the floor, walls and roof.