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Server console in Windows 10, Eco version

A server is an Eco world that is generated by a local or remote computer. To play Eco, you must join a server or start your own. Each server is a distinct world.

Players can also configure a locally hosted server to be visible to the public on the in-game server browser. Even non-listed servers can also be found by players that know the server IP address and port.

Server administrators may configure various world attributes, such as the size of their world, rate of skill gain, and player starting conditions.

The Eco server can be run through Steam directly. Go to Library -> Tools -> Eco Server to download and launch the server. Note that the server is also included in the Steam client download, so players wishing to play single-player don't need to download the server separately.

Steam is not required to run an Eco server. The server can also be downloaded directly from the Strange Loop Games website

Since running an Eco server is demanding for computer hardware, and the server must always be running to be playable, many players choose to rent dedicated servers from hosting services.

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