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There are 3 types of Skills that create the skill system in Eco.

Types of Skills:

  • Profession — Broad categories that contain specialties.
  • Specialty — Most Specialties are unlocked with skill scrolls and learned with Skill Points. Each specialty contains a skill tree with several skills within it.
  • Skill — Learned with Skill Points once the corresponding specialty and/or prerequisite skills are unlocked.

Gaining New Skills[edit | edit source]

To gain new Skills the player must earn Skill Points and use them to acquire the new skill.

Skill Points (SP) are gained at a steady rate determined by the balance and quality of the player's nutrition and housing.

Some skills require prerequisite skills in order to be unlocked.

Skill Lists[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of all the Skills currently in Eco.

Profession List

Specialty List

Skill List