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A simple page link with icon, to use in text, tables, or infoboxes. Clicking the icon or the text will bring you to the linked page.

The link tries to cleverly find the matching icon automatically, but you can specify a different image to use instead.

Usage[edit source]

{{IconLink|Page Name}}
{{IconLink|Page Name|Override Image.png}}

Parameters[edit source]

First Parameter (Required) - Page Name
Name of the page you wish to create a link to.
Use spaces instead of underscores, otherwise the underscores will show up in the link text.
Second Parameter (Optional) - Override Image
File page title for an alternate image. The image will be scaled to 30 pixels wide.
If you leave this parameter blank, then the icon will automatically use the image "PageName_Icon.png" (with spaces removed) if it exists.
You can use spaces or underscores. Do not include the "File:" part of the page title.

Examples[edit source]


Log Icon.png Log

{{IconLink|Elk Carcass}}

ElkCarcass Icon.png Elk Carcass

{{IconLink|Corn|Corn Plant.jpg}}

Corn Plant.jpg Corn

{{IconLink|A Page That Does Not Exist}}

NoImage.png A Page That Does Not Exist